Saturday, January 4, 2014

Decoding That Red Tomato

I just saw this hotel's post on Google Plus, well it was about healthy lifestyle but what captured my attention was the photo of red tomatoes. Which reminded me of what my teacher told me while i was in high school that tomatoes would give you that rosy cheeks. Rosy cheeks in our part of the world means a healthy body, so maybe the tomatoes are associated with health. As for my first blog post on creating information for the public to use here are some fun facts about tomatoes:

  • The name tomato came from the Aztec name "xitomatl" meaning "a plump fruit with a navel"
  • There are twenty-five thousand varieties of tomatoes.
  • The risk of getting prostate cancer is reduced by 21 to 43 percent by eating tomato and its derivatives like ketchup and tomato sauce more than twice a week.
  • Tomatoes are filled with anti-oxidants including lycopene which helps in preventing risks of cancer.
  • Tomatoes' lycopene content could also help in preventing Age related macular degeneration.
  • Tomatoes have been proven to decrease bad cholesterol in the body.

Some Nutritional Content of 1 Cup of Raw Tomatoes

Manganese – 10.5%
Molybdenum – 12%
Potassium – 12.1%
Vitamin K – 17.7%
Vitamin A – 29.9%
Vitamin C – 38.1%

So are you going to skip that tomato? Or will you start eating this delicious, succulent and healthy fruit? 
Yes, its a fruit not a vegetable. 

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